Ramsay Fiction Songs

I know for a fact there is people in the world that have ALL of the Ramsay Fiction songs off of Cooler Than Me. I know people aren’t sharing them because they think that if they leak the songs, then they’re upsetting Josh. I assure all of you, if you do have the songs, they will not go anywhere but in my iPod or in my mind. Please, if you have any of the songs, other than Shallow and Playing Dead, I’d love if you guys could send it to me, and if you have a download link, or a link where you can listen to the songs, please send them to me. Contact me any way you want, 

email: akope@hotmail.com

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/alana.marie.ramsay

twitter: @alanakope

Even contact me here on Tumblr if you like. I just really want to hear these songs. And I promise, the songs will stay private. I’m not trying to start a huge Ramsay Fiction leak that will lead to the possible disasters of 2012. It will always stay private. Please contact me if you have the songs, I’d love to hear them :) Thank you.